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Through our decades of experience in government and commercial sectors, we intuitively know and deliver what our clients need in order to be successful. We bring an innovative paradigm shift in our consultations and are well-seasoned when it comes to applying process improvement techniques, methodologies, tools, skills and change management approaches that are critical for effectively developing our client’s roadmap for strengthening their internal processes and improve business performance.


We don’t settle for anything but the best, and neither should you when it comes to services. We’ve worked hard to find the best and innovative ways to provide our clients with affordable services i.e, CMMI, SOC, IT Auditing & ISO and reasonable scheduling options without sacrificing the quality of our services !!

Additionally, as practitioners we understand what it takes to maintain these credentials, and our approach to process improvement initiatives is guided by our knowledge that each process must be well integrated into business practices.

Core Culture

A technology culture within our employees allows us to develop some of the most ingenious and highly recognizable solutions to all of our clients, and deliver our services flawlessly. We hate hidden surprises and are always transparent when it comes to discussing pricing structures !!


Our subject matter experts and associates have decades of experience in strengthening internal processes and improving business performance of .

We are a growing business, we’re also responsive, flexible and agile. We adapt as your needs change, with a speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that larger companies just can’t match. We’re happy to stake our reputation on it !!

Why stay with us?

We have Industries Leading Practioners & Subject Matter Experts
We bring a New Paradigm Shift to Elevate Business Performance
We have Topnotch Support Team
We are Flexible
We are Reliable
We are Affordable

TiQHUB is dedicated to helping our customers (large and small) in the commercial and government sectors that are looking for a strategical, practical and incremental way to improve their business performance based on industry best practices in services, systems, and software engineering.

TiQHUB offers SCAMPI A/B/C appraisals, SOC Attestations, ISO services and award Maturity Levels/Audit Reports, recommending our customers to focus on performance more than certificates and ensuring they are set up for success before our work is done!

Furthermore, our partnerships and involvement with the CMMI Institute, the American Society for Quality, and internationally accredited ISO registrars enable us to deliver a full array of consulting services and support.


  • What is CMMI ?|| Why use a CMMI Model? || Why obtain a CMMI?

    CMMI is a process approach that provides organizations with the appropriate processes to improve their performance. CMMI was developed by a group of experts from industry, government, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, and is administered by the CMMI Institute. CMMI has application to a wide variety of organizations, from small to large, across multiple sectors.

  • What is CMMI-DEV & CMMI-SVC?

    CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) is a constellation of CMMI processes which address Software Development. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process level improvement training and appraisal program. Administered by the CMMI Institute, a subsidiary of ISACA, it was developed at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). It is required by many United States Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. Government contracts, especially in software development and services!

    CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) is a constellation of CMMI processes which address Services Provision and is a collection of best practices with attention to service delivery and management. CMMI Services is an integrated and comprehensive methodology that focuses on improvement within an organization and its capability to efficiently and effectively deliver quality service offerings that meet market and customer needs. The CMMI for Services model is designed to support organizational initiatives to streamline process improvement and drive productivity.

  • What improvements to expect post CMMI Implementation?

    Organizations can expect to see marked improvement in:
    Process Improvement
    Cost Saving and reduction in rework
    Distinguishing qualifier within the market place

  • What is SCAMPI?

    SCAMPI (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement), is an appraisal process that is used to determine and organization’s maturity level (1 through 5). The SCAMPI Appraisal process is performed by a certified Lead SCAMPI Appraisal and the appraisal method is administered and managed by the CMMI Institute.

  • What is CMMI 2.0?

    CMMI v2.0 is defined to highlight critical capabilities common within companies, with an attention to performance practices and a focus on process improvement through repeatability and practice. CMMI global best practices enable organizations to build and benchmark the most common business challenges including:

    Manage Work, Ensure Quality & Improve Performance
    Develop Products & Deliver – Manage Services
    Manage Suppliers
    Manage Workforce & Support Implementation
    Sustain Habit Persistence & Manage Business Resilience

    The CMMI Institute, on March 28, 2018, released its newest version of the CMMI model – CMMI v2.0 specifically for Development. On December 4, 2018 the CMMI Institute expanded the CMMI V2.0 product suite with the release of CMMI for Services and CMMI for Supplier Management.

  • What is Benchmark Appraisal?

    With the new launch of CMMI 2.0, CMMI Institute has announced that Benchmark appraisal are replacing SCAMPI A appraisals can result in maturity level rating which will be valid for 3 years.

  • When does my organization need to transition to CMMI-DEV V2.0 and or CMMI-SVC 2.0?

    The last day an appraisal can be conducted using CMMI v1.3 is September 30, 2020

  • Does everyone in an organization need formal CMMI Development training?

    The short answer is, no. The only required personnel that need formal training are those that plan to participate as an Appraisal Team Member (ATM).

  • Looking to Upgrade CMMI 2.0?

    If you already have a CMMI v1.3 you will have to upgrade to CMMI v2.0. TiQHUB Consultants can guide you to a successful upgrade or to a new CMMI Implementation.

  • How can TiQHUB Consulting Services Help?

    TiQHUB Consulting Services’ team members are seasoned CMMI Consultants. Our team works with all levels of public and private organizations, both large and small in their CMMI Development and Services initiatives. Our trained CMMI Consultants will work with your organization in:

    Leading strategic planning and scope exercises,
    Development and implementation of all process requirements,
    Training – process implementation, CMMI Model, and Appraisal training, and
    Preparation and support for a CMMI appraisal–referred to as SCAMPI (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement).

  • Need more information about CMMI?

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TiQHUB is dedicated to helping our customers reach their endeavors by implementing an innovative paradigm shift in strategical, practical and incremental improvement based approach on industries best practices framework in services, systems, and software engineering!


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